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State Rep. Bill Kramer charged with two counts of sexual assault

Kramer charged with two counts of second degree sexual assault

MADISON, Wis. - The Waukesha County District Attorney Office charged state Rep. Bill Kramer with two counts of sexually assaulting a woman around three years ago, according to a criminal complaint.

Earlier this month, Kramer was stripped of his position as majority leader of the state Assembly after the allegations of sexual harassment surfaced early this month.

Kramer is accused of sexually harassing a woman and inappropriately touching another woman during a trip to Washington, D.C., in February. One woman is a legislative staffer and the other is a lobbyist.

The second degree sexual assault charges are from an incident that occurred on April 8, 2011, in Muskego. The victim was an aide. She reported that Kramer sexually assaulted her using force on March 5, 2014, according to the report.

The victim reported that she attended a "Pints and Politics" event held at the High Tide Pub & Grill on Janesville Road in the City of Muskego. The victim said that the defendant asked her for a ride to another location so a friend could pick him. As they were walking to her car the defendant leaned into her and squeezed her shoulder in a hard manner. He then shoved her into the side of her car, which caused her pain and then forcibly kissed her, according to the report.

She said she told him "no and don't." The defendant continued for what seemed like a long time and began to touch her body inappropriately, according to the report.

She was able to push his hands away from her and then the defendant said "OK let's go," according to the criminal complaint.

The defendant then entered the victim's car and sat in the passenger seat, locked the front door and aggressively leaned into her. The victim said she was scared and that she felt dirty and was afraid the defendant was going to rape her, according to the report.

After the incident the victim said she wanted it to "go away and did not want any embarrassment for herself, her family or the party."

She said that she contacted an attorney in Milwaukee who drafted a letter for the defendant to stay away from the victim and indicating that if his physically inappropriate behavior toward her or anyone else occurred she would reconsider going to police, according to the report.

According to Muskego Detective Stephen Westphal , he says he contacted Kramer on March 19, 2014 regarding the incident but Kramer said he would not be able to come in until April because he was in "therapy for other issues."

Kramer said he didn't recall the incident but alleged that the victim had "stuck her tongue down my throat," at an event in 2008, according to Westphal.

He faces two counts of second-degree sexual assault and could face up to 80 years in prison if he's convicted.

Kramer has filed not to run for office this fall but maintains his seat is the legislature. He's only released one public statement through his office saying he is currently in treatment.

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