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Some concerned over bike parking on UW campus

Campus officials say they hope to have 14,500 stalls in next 4 years

MADISON, Wis. - Some concerned over bike parking on UW campus

More than 10,000 commuters hop on two wheels to get around the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus, but there is an issue many people may not expect.

A major hassle when it comes to biking to campus is issues with parking and locking up bikes.

Whether you get behind the wheel or pedal around town, everyone has been frustrated in the attempt to find a parking spot.

Some bikers on the UW campus say parking isn't too bad.

"They have tons of bike racks there, it's just there's a lot of kids in and out on any given time," said Ian Norman.

But others resort to makeshift parking stalls, and Juan Caballero feels the struggle every time he bikes to Van Hise Hall.

Caballero said the couple of minutes it takes him to find a bike are bad because he has to teach and is always in a rush.

Charter Street and Linden Drive is undeniably a high-traffic intersection, and it's just one of the many areas UW's Transportation Services says can be a challenge to build on, especially with the competition for space.

‘We have all these competing interests and part of what transportation services does is make sure bike parking is part of that mix," said Dar Ward with UW Transportation Services.

The department gets $150,000 in the budget each year for bike parking. They will use that money to add and upgrade bike parking stalls.

The UW has already installed high-density bike racks where the bikes are alternated by high and low allowing more bikes to be squeezed into a small amount of space. Those types of bike racks will continue to be added over the next few years.

As the number of commuters opting for two wheels stays high, the UW's goal is to have 14,500 stalls in the next four years.

UW's Transportation Services manager said the school is always upgrading bike parking stalls, and they always welcome feedback.

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