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Seminole bridge closed, alternative routes congested

DOT: Bridge being raised for major Verona Road project next year

MADISON, Wis. - Thousands of drivers are being impacted by construction on Seminole Highway, and the alternate routes might not be much relief.

The Seminole Highway Bridge closed Wednesday, but it's not scheduled to reopen until November.

Between now and then, crews will raise the bridge about 2 feet to prepare for a major Verona Road project next year.

People who live near the bridge said the detours aren't really much better.

"Even though work's been done on it, it's been a real challenge in terms of access onto the Beltline," said Kyle Kennedy, who lives near Seminole Highway. "If I'm going west, that's my only option; that or going onto Verona Road. Both arterials are just jammed."

"It's just a matter of a few headaches every so often, but once it's all said and done, it will be all open and much easier to get through," said Steven Theisen, Department of Transportation communications specialist.

Traffic is moving much smoother now that the southbound lanes on Verona Road reopened Thursday afternoon ahead of schedule, which should help the congestion related to the Seminole Highway Bridge closure.

Seminole bridge closed, alternative routes congested

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