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Roggensack re-elected to Wisconsin Supreme Court

Roggensack wins second 10-year term

MADISON, Wis. - Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Pat Roggensack said she believes her re-election shows that voters believe it's better to have someone with experience on the state's highest court.

Roggensack beat Marquette University law professor Ed Fallone in Tuesday's election.

Roggensack campaigned hard on her 17 years' experience as a judge, noting Fallone had no such experience. She also raised more money than Fallone and dominated television advertising.

Roggensack told The Associated Press that she doesn't know whether outside groups that spent at least $500,000 advertising on her behalf influenced the outcome or not. No outside groups advertised for Fallone.

Roggensack is generally viewed as part of a four-justice conservative majority on the state's highest court. While the race was officially nonpartisan, Roggensack had support from Republicans.

Fallone was backed by unions and Democrats. He argued that Roggensack is part of a dysfunctional court that has opened itself up to the influence of special interests.

Roggensack re-elected to Wisconsin Supreme Court

Fallone reacts to election loss

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