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Report: Janesville teacher drunk on field trip

Woman had BAC of 0.27 percent, police say

JANESVILLE, Wis. - A Janesville school teacher was drunk while supervising students on a field trip Thursday, according to a report from the Janesville Police Department.

The report states the teacher, Maria Caya, 50, was taken to Mercy Hospital by her husband after vomiting and passing out on a field trip to a bowling alley.

Caya is a fourth-grade teacher at Washington Elementary School.

The police report states Caya had a blood-alcohol level of 0.27 percent at noon on Thursday.

She admitted to hospital staff she was drinking at 6 a.m. before supervising on the field trip.

"There's nothing to indicate that she caused any type of disturbance or anything like that that would raise it to disorderly conduct or anything like that," Chief Deputy John Olsen said in a press conference Monday.

In the report, school district officials stated Caya was one of eight district employees on the field trip, along with several parents. The reports states that it initially appears none of the other chaperones were aware of Caya's situation. Police said they plan to contact the chaperones for questioning.

No criminal charges have been filed against Caya. The police report was sent to district officials and Child Protective Services.

"Child neglect would be really the only possible criminal statute that would apply and at this point. We have nothing to indicate that the children were ever at risk or ever in danger," Olsen said.

Dr. Katie Schulte, the superintendent for the Janesville School District, said the human resources department will look into the incident and prior offenses to determine if Caya should be disciplined.

"We have not started our investigation," Schulte said. "The police investigation would be first. Once they are completed, then HR would start its investigation."

Schulte said violating the drug and alcohol policies can result in a wide range of disciplinary measures.

"It could be anything, such as suspension all of the way through termination," Schulte said.

Woman had BAC of 0.27 percent, police say

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