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Police report instances of counterfeit bills

$5 bills doctored to look like $100 bills

MADISON, Wis. - Several cases involving $5 bills doctored to look like $100 bills have taken place in the West Towne Mall area this week, according to police.

A Madison Police Department statement said someone tried to use a counterfeit $100 bill at Metcalfe's Tuesday night but was unsuccessful. An employee thought the individual was a man dressed as a woman, describing the person as black, wearing heavy makeup and fake eyelashes, and speaking with a low voice.

A second person successfully passed a similarly doctored $100 bill Friday at Kirlin's Hallmark in West Towne Mall, according to the statement. That same day, another person entered the store and tried to pass a counterfeit bill, but it was not accepted.

The statement described the first person as a black 20-year-old male wearing a dark baseball cap, jeans and a black jacket.

The second person was described as a black 20-year-old male wearing a gray sweatshirt and dark stocking cap.  

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