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Police: Man arrested in Johnson Creek tactical situation

Jefferson Co. sheriff's officials responded to tactical situation Tuesday afternoon

JOHNSON CREEK, Wis. - A 42-year-old man has been arrested without incident in Johnson Creek after he sent out threatening text messages, police said.

Officials said the man tried running from his home in the 500 block of Aspen Street to his car around 5 p.m., and was arrested without incident.

The Johnson Creek School District was on lockdown by order of the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department during the situation.

Mike Garvey, superintendent of Johnson Creek Schools, said the tactical situation was on the other side of town and was not adjacent to any school property.

According to the district's Facebook page, students were told to avoid the part of town near Aspen and Midge streets.

More than 600 students were locked down in the school, according to Garvey. The district did not release any students, even to parents, until the sheriff's department said it was OK to do so.

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