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Police cite man for speeding, allegedly lying about sister in childbirth

Driver clocked at 100 mph

MADISON, Wis. - A 22-year-old driver clocked at 100 mph lied to an officer about heading to the hospital for the birth of his nephew or niece, according to Madison police.

The officer pulled the man over on the Beltline Highway on Feb. 17 at 10:45 p.m. and said he had to go 110 mph to catch up to the man's car. The man was apologetic and told the officer his sister was about to give birth at St. Mary's Hospital and he was excited and needed to get to the hospital right away. He told the officer he couldn't guess how fast he had been going.

The officer said he let the driver go with a warning but warned the man that if he found out he was lying he would be writing a speeding citation and a citation for obstructing.

As the driver and the officer headed toward downtown on John Nolan Drive, the officer noticed the man didn't turn left to go toward the hospital. The officer later checked with the hospital and discovered that there were no imminent births expected in the time period after the contact with the driver.

The officer talked with the man's probation agent. Police said the man admitted to his probation agent that he made up the story about the birth, and said he was speeding because of an argument with a friend. He said he "was rushing to his grandfather's grave".

The officer delivered citations to the man's home on March 13.

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