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Plain-clothed officers in unmarked vehicles part of Operation Shadow

Program will target Beltline drivers, may be used on other city streets, officials say

MADISON, Wis. - A new Madison law enforcement effort will target unsafe driving behaviors on the Beltline with plain-clothed officers in unmarked vehicles, according to a release.

Operation Shadow will involve a police officer, dressing in civilian clothes, driving an unmarked Madison Police Department car, officials said. The officer will be looking for unsafe driving behaviors, and will radio a uniformed member of the traffic enforcement safety team to make the traffic stop.

The program will focus on the Beltline, but officials will not announce when the teams will be out, according to the release.

Operation Shadow is aimed at making the Beltline safer and slowing down speeds, particularly during road construction projects, officials said.

Operation Shadow may also be used on other city streets, according to the release.

MPD: Operation Shadow

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