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Phone stolen at mall, off-duty officer nabs teens

Teens found inside restaurant

MADISON, Wis. - An off-duty Madison police officer chased and caught two teenagers after he saw a woman chasing them from East Towne Mall Friday afternoon.

An 18-year-old woman told police she was sitting in the mall using her phone when a teenager started flirting with her. She said she dismissed his advances when another teen grabbed her phone, and both teens fled.

The woman gave chase into the parking lot when an off-duty officer looking for a parking spot saw the two teens running across the parking lot and the woman chasing them, according to police.

The officer said the victim told him what happened, called 911, put his badge on a chain around his neck and chased the robbers.

The teens ran into a nearby restaurant where an employee signaled to the officer and told him the teens were standing near the bathroom. The employee said the teen quickly entered and said, "He's onto us. He's onto us."

The officer said he went into the restaurant and put the teens against a wall. The officer ordered the teens to keep their hands where they could see them, but he said they continued to reach down toward their pants.

The victim came into the restaurant and one of the teens returned the phone, according to police.

Charles T. Jackson Jr., 17, of Madison, was arrested on suspicion of robbery. A 16-year-old boy was arrested on suspicion of party to the crime of robbery and resisting an officer.

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