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Ohio State fans taking in Madison's sights

Ohio State fans taking in Madison's sights

MADISON, Wis. - When Amanda and Adam Gibbs rolled into the Badger State from Columbus, Ohio, they soon found out they weren't alone.

They were joined by plenty of Buckeye fans who explored Madison by visiting the Capitol and other local landmarks.

"It's a beautiful city. A lot of really great food," Amanda Gibbs said. "Cheese curds. Oh man, I could live on cheese curds. They're delicious!"

But being an Ohio State fan in enemy territory means there's going to be a little ribbing.

"I was harassed by my driver to the hotel. It was fine, though. It was very friendly," Ohio State University fan Milda Banza said.

But the ribbing went both ways, and OSU fans were clearly not afraid to dish it back out.

"The gloves will come off. The Buckeyes are going to win. Sorry, Badgers," Amanda Gibbs said.

Several fans offered their predictions on the game's outcome.

"I think it's going to be a low-scoring game, but the Buckeyes are going to come out on top, with over a touchdown, I think," fan Jessica Haverly said.

"It's going to be close. I'll say Ohio State 28 to 24," OSU fan Jeff Renz said.

But there is one thing both Badgers and Buckeyes can agree on: Fans from both teams are far better than Michigan fans.

"Yeah, I do hate Michigan," Renz said.

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