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Officer testifies tote with missing baby had frost on it

Kristen Smith on trial for allegedly kidnapping 5-day-old Kayden Powell

Officer testifies tote with missing baby had frost on it

MADISON, Wis. - Federal prosecutors continue to build their case against the woman accused of kidnapping a 5-day-old child and abandoning him in sub-zero weather.

Kristen Smith is being tried on federal kidnapping charges in connection with the Feb. 6 disappearance of Kayden Powell in Beloit.

Jurors got a glimpse of the emotional 30 hours when Kayden was missing. They heard from Kayden's mother and father about the terror they experienced when they discovered the child was gone.

The child disappeared from a town of Beloit home in the middle of the night. When they discovered Kayden was missing, they also noticed the child's aunt, Smith, was gone.

Initially they did not suspect Smith had taken the child because she was planning on leaving and returning to Colorado. In a frantic 911 call, Kayden's mother, Brianna Marshall, made it clear she didn't think her sister was involved in Kayden's disappearance.

Kayden was eventually found 30 hours later behind a gas station in West Branch, Iowa. The child spent much of that time in a gray tote in sub-zero temperatures.

West Branch Police Chief Mike Horiham, the officer who found Kayden, described the weather at the time as 12 degrees below zero. He said he found the tote near some recycling containers with the lid clamped shut and frost on top.

The EMT who removed Kayden from the tote said she was amazed the days-old baby was doing so well.

Prosecutors have told the judge that they intend to rest their case Wednesday morning. The defense will then present its case.

In opening arguments, the defense said it will show evidence that Smith had taken the child at the request of Kayden's father.

Smith faces 25 years to life in federal prison if convicted.

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