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New emergency response system goes online after 2-year delay

MADISON, Wis. - After a two-year delay, a countywide emergency response system went online earlier this month.

News 3 covered the efforts to launch DaneCom extensively in 2014. During testing, the $26 million system immediately ran into coverage problems.

The emergency service network will now allow all public safety agencies countywide to work together seamlessly.

Dane County Executive Joe Parisi said all issues have been worked out.

"We have had amazing response. People are thrilled with performance, the clarity. People describe it as going from an AM radio to an FM radio," Parisi said. "Every type of first responder can talk to each other on one channel. We're very excited that it's come together through this great partnership. It's up and running and open to rave reviews."

To correct the issues reported in the beginning, the county spent more money to build new towers.

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