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National phone scam has hit Fitchburg, officials say

Scammer claims to be from Criminal Investigations Department

FITCHBURG, Wis. - The Fitchburg Police Department has received a complaint of a phone scam that has been reported throughout the country, according to a release.

Officials said in the scam, the caller identifies himself as Officer Alex Martin from the Criminal Investigations Department.

The caller goes on to demand that the recipient call back or there will be criminal proceedings started against them, according to the release.

The caller further says that "the time is very short for them and that the matter is very sensitive," according to the release.

Officials said this type of scam is serious because it plays upon the recipient's emotions and a short time-frame, which could lead to people not making the best decisions and falling for the scam, according to the release.

Officials said not to wire money or complete any money transaction until you know it is legitimate.

If anyone encounters this or a similar scam, make sure that you stop and think before making any decisions, according to the release.

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