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Naked man tries to get into woman's hotel room, officials say

Police: Motel staff also saw man walking around hallway naked

MADISON, Wis. - A naked man who tried getting into a woman's hotel room was arrested Thursday around 2:20 a.m., Madison police said.

A woman staying at the Motel 6 at 1754 Thierer Road saw Decotise J. Johnson, 40, staring at her in the hotel hallway on her way to the vending machine Wednesday night, according to a release. She tried to prevent Johnson from knowing what room was hers, but she was unsuccessful.

A short time later the woman heard someone turning the door knob to her room, police said. When she looked out the peephole she did not see anyone.

Later, there was someone at the door "aggressively" trying to get in, according to the release. This time, the woman saw a naked man, the same one that was staring at her in the hallway earlier.

The woman called security, but when they arrived Johnson had disappeared, officials said. After security left, Johnson returned naked again. This time, security called police because motel staff was also seeing Johnson naked on surveillance video.

Madison police said Johnson did not answer when they knocked on his door because he was sleeping. Johnson, who smelled of intoxicants, denied being naked in the hallway when police woke him up and told him to put some clothes on.

Johnson was arrested on charges of exposure and disorderly conduct.

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