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Mother found guilty in death of 3-year-old son

Boy died in 2011

MADISON, Wis. - A Madison mother was found guilty late Friday night of first degree reckless homicide.

The criminal complaint alleged that child abuse led to her son's death in 2011. Castillo-Dominguez admitted to police to throwing the child against a wall, according to the complaint.

The complaint said the boy, identified as LAV, was taken to a hospital the night of June 30, 2011, with subdural hematoma -- or brain swelling. Emergency surgery was performed to reduce the pressure.

Doctors also indicated they noticed bruising on the boy's left arm, left leg, under his chin and on his left hip. Doctors said they noticed more three dozen hemorrhages in each of the boy's eyes, which they said was indicative of abuse, according to the complaint.

When questioned by hospital staff, Castillo-Dominguez originally said the boy had fallen from a swing weeks earlier, the complaint said.

But later, when confronted by police, she said, "I didn't throw him. I only hit him in his head, but I didn't know if I hit hard," according to the complaint.

Investigators said the mother changed her story once again, saying she did throw the toddler against a wall, and he was crying.

According to the complaint, "LAV grabbed some Chiclets and she told him not to eat them. The defendant stated, 'I grabbed the Chiclets and I pushed him against the wall ... it was hard' and LAV was crying."

Later that night, Castillo-Dominguez said she noticed her son sweating, and that he "looked different," the complaint said.

The child also started vomiting and wanted to go to sleep, but Castillo-Dominguez said she kept him awake and saw him turning purple, according to the complaint.

Later that night, Castillo-Dominguez took the boy to an emergency room, police said. He died three days later.

Castillo-Dominguez's bail was revoked, and she is awaiting a sentencing hearing.

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