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Mother-daughter celebrate Mother's Day with successful business

'The Rooster Lady' and daughter sew sweaters

JANESVILLE, Wis. - Just in time for Mother's Day, a Janesville mother and daughter are turning their love of fashion into a successful business.

Calling herself "Natalie the Rooster Lady," Natalie Carrol and her daughter Mitzi have created a line of hand sewn sweaters.

Not only are the pair crafting special sweaters, they are crafting a special relationship through their business partnership.

Staging is something Natalie Carrol and her daughter Mitzi have experience with.

The two have sold antiques together for years. Now with Mitzi's help, a part of Natalie's house has been transformed in order to showcase their latest venture.

For the last year and a half, Natalie and Mitzi have been boiling wool and cashmere and sewing them together.

With no formal training in sewing or design, the mother-daughter duo launched a clothing line called "The Rooster Lady."

"When GM left, we have to say the furniture business really took a dive and we really had to reconfigure what we were going to do," said Natalie.


Each of their handmade pieces are one of a kind from the embellishment to the fabric to the placement of their logo.

"People have bought the sweaters and said there's a rooster on here," explained Natalie. "You try and find the rooster or the rooster is the joke and it just became very comical so everybody knows me as 'The Rooster Lady.'"

The pieces rang from edgy and rough to floral and feminine. They say it's because they put themselves into their work.

"My pieces seem silly and momish, and her pieces seem young and edgy and that's because we are each other's inspiration," said Mitzi.

Whether it's completing each others' sentences or patching together another jacket, Natalie and Mitzi continue to work together mainly because that's how it's always been.

"Your children really are your gift for Mother's Day," said Natalie. "It really is true and I'm so blessed with Mitzi."

For more information on The Rooster Lady line of clothing, go to their Facebook page.

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