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More State Street businesses shutting down

Long-standing shop, veteran restaurants closing

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Another State Street business is closing its doors after decades in the same spot.

Shakti Books will shut down in January, according to manager Stephanie Langham.

"A lot of the stores that they used to come to are gone now," Langham said.

Langham said in the last two years, sales have dropped 20 percent. Even though she and the customers are sad, she said the shop can't continue to survive.

"We have a lot of customers who are like, 'Well, I've been coming here since 1971.' They feel that Shakti is a staple on State Street, and they don't know what they're going to do without it," Langham said.

While Freakfest and its thousands of potential customers converging on downtown Saturday made news, it was also notable that Husnus served up its last meal after 34 years of business on State Street.

Gino's Restaurant also recently announced it would close this month.

Langham said her customers complain about pricey parking and not being able to find a spot in the area.

In addition, Langham said fewer people have been passing the store.

"I don't know if the students don't come up this far and the farmers' market people don't come down this far," Langham said, "but the traffic has really changed on State Street."

A note handed out to customers said the books and music Shakti stocks are not selling, in part thanks to modern technology. It goes on to mention a spike in jewelry prices, rent increases, and parking issues as reasons for the close.

Langham said she doesn't know what will move into the space, but she has noticed fewer familiar storefronts over the last four years as a manager at Shakti.

"It seems to be changing a lot. And so, it's just time to move on," Langham said.

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