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Montello family, in Haiti for missionary work, devastated by hurricane

Montello family, in Haiti for missionary work, devastated by hurricane

MONTELLO, Wis. - Hurricane Matthew is far from Wisconsin, but it is impacting one local family in a big way.

Sean Christensen was born and raised in Montello, but for the past six years, he and his young family have been serving as missionaries in Haiti. News 3 caught up with Sean's parents for an update on the family.

"He felt a call of God to become a missionary somewhere," Daryl Christensen, Sean's dad, said.

That call took him, his wife, Heather, and their children from a comfortable Midwestern life to the Third World country of Haiti.

"He feels that he can make a difference," Sherry Christensen, Sean's mom, said.

For six years, the Christensens lived in relatively happy and safe conditions, until tragedy struck. Hurricane Matthew hit their town of Les Cayes, ripping apart much of what they'd built. Sean happened to be in Thailand for work, but his wife and four children were in the eye of the storm.

Daryl and Sherry sat helplessly watching television from their Montello home, but offered a piece of life-saving advice.

"We strongly urged them to move into a safer home," Daryl said. "At first, they were going to hunker down in their own home, but they decided in the last minute they were going to move into a safer structure."

Much like other parts of Haiti, the Christensen's home was destroyed and all of their belongings were washed away.

"Basically, that whole peninsula is wiped out," Daryl said.

Despite that destruction, the Christensen's said their son's mission is even stronger now and he and his family plan to stay.

"As hard as this is to say, I would rather have my son and his family in Haiti serving God than in America not serving God," Daryl said.

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