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Monona anti-bullying ordinance gets national spotlight

Parents could be fined in cases of repeat offenses

NEW YORK - A new anti-bullying ordinance in Monona is making headlines nationwide for the degree to which it cites parental responsibility in cases of school bullying.

Over the weekend, Monona's chief of police Walter Ostrenga and psychologist Dr. Jennifer Hartstein appeared on "CBS This Morning: Saturday" to further explain the new approach.

"If they (the parents) did not try to curtail the bullying with their child, first they would get a warning, and after 90 days, if they repeat it, then they could get cited with what's basically a civil forfeiture," explained Ostrenga.

The city council approved this unique ordinance on May 20.

The tickets could cost parents of repeat bullies up to $114.

Chief Ostrenga said that he hasn't written a ticket yet, and he doesn't want to.

Rather, he's glad that the provision started a national conversation about preventing bullying.

To see the interview, go here.

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