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Mom hopes people learn from daughter's disappearance

Aprina Paul's mom shares her message at a candlelit vigil

MADISON, Wis. - Mom hopes people learn from daughter's disappearance

It is safe to say that the soaked pavement outside of the Penn Park pavilion was only rivaled by to the tears shed underneath the shelter.

Surrounded by candlelight and the support of more than 100 people, Aprina Paul's mother Alice Larrue said she can hardly believe what has happened to her daughter.

"Aprina didn't deserve this, and I'm so mad," Larrue said. "I think I'm more mad than hurt because I know my daughter, you know. She was a kindhearted person and she didn't want nothing but the best for everybody."

Rock County investigators released the scene on Highway 14 Tuesday afternoon. They said 29-year-old Nathan Middleton told deputies they would find Paul's remains on his Evansville property.

Middleton is in custody as a person of interest, but not charged with anything associated with Paul's death.

Bone fragments found in a burn barrel have been sent to Chicago for further forensic evaluation.

"Who would have ever thought this would hit close to us like this?" Larrue asked. "This is something like in a movie to me. I still can't believe it. Not a child I raised for 18 years. She's too smart."

Dominique Harvey said he lived with Paul, and she was like a sister to him.

"I really wish I would have told her how much I love her and care for her, and that she was really like a sister that I really considered in my heart," Harvey said.

Harvey said it still doesn't seem real that Paul is gone.

"Just to lay in my bed and look to her room," Harvey said. "And just see that she's not there and her clothes and everything are right there, it's just been really hard."

Among the prayers and memories, Larrue shared her words of warning to young people in the community.

"If you all could just please, please, please for me, tell somebody where you're going. Tell somebody who you're with. Don't trust anybody," Larrue said.

A fundraiser to help Aprina Paul's family is planned for Saturday afternoon. Friends and family are also trying to plan another vigil in Evansville for next week.

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