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MMSD parent wants teacher fired

'It's not okay for someone to say "I'm going to kill you"'

MMSD parent wants teacher fired

MADISON, Wis. - School is a place for learning, something Materrika Pollard, a sixth-grader at Blackhawk Middle School in the Madison Metropolitan School District, says has been hard to do in one of her classes.

"I don't know what to do and I just want to walk out of the classroom," she said

The 11-year old said one of her teachers frequently calls students names, uses inappropriate language and at one point made a threatening comment to get Materrika and a classmate to quiet down in class.

Jackie Noyes, Materrika 's mother, wants the school to take disciplinary action.

"This teacher was making accusations and saying 'If you don't shut up, I'm going to kill you. Doesn't your mom ever say that? I'm going to kill you,'" Noyes said.

The comments allegedly started at the beginning of the school year. Materrika told her mom several times that she wanted to change classes, but she didn't tell her mother why she wanted to change classes until this week. Noyes immediately went to the school on Wednesday to confront the teacher. The teacher claimed she had just been joking.

"I said 'This is a problem. This is not your kid. That's not a way to play with her and furthermore, you're asking "Is this how your parents talk?" I never talk to my child like that,'" Noyes said.

Noyes has contacted both the school and district officials. Officials decided to move Materrika  to a different classroom, but Noyes says she wants the teacher to be disciplined for her behavior.

"If our schools are at a zero (threat) tolerance for kids, it should be the same for a teacher. She is grown. She knows the rules. This is not something you joke about with a child. I don't want them (the district) to say, 'We investigated and we do feel like it was a sincere joke,' because I don't take it as a sincere joke," Noyes said.

District officials told News 3 they are investigating a personnel matter at the school. When asked for additional information, the district declined to comment.

School officials would not confirm the claims against the teacher.

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