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Man who rode alongside 2 dead motorcyclists wants justice

Witness to fatal Janesville crash: What we witnessed will never leave our heads

Man who rode alongside 2 dead motorcyclists wants justice

JANESVILLE, Wis. - Steve Skoien returned to the site of Sunday's fatal hit-and-run crash near Janesville Thursday night. The curve along Highway 14 is now decorated with crosses, flowers, flags and a motorcycle helmet.

"You can't just kill two people and get away with it," Skoien said.

Sunday night 24-year-old Mitchell Vance and 18-year-old Devin Julius died after an SUV crossed the centerline and hit the lead motorcycle and the one behind it.

Skoien was riding his bike next to Vance when everything happened.

"The car just crossed the centerline like it was going to miss the entire corner. The van in front of us swerved to miss that car," Skoien said. "And the vehicle hit Mitch. And then it hit Devin."

Rock County investigators are still looking for that car. The SUV is described as a dark-colored 2004 to 2007 Nissan Infinity QX56. Deputies said the vehicle will likely have front and driver's side damage, including a missing headlight assembly and wheel well cover.

"It's sad, it's a tragedy what happened here," Skoien said. "Somebody killed two people and then left. They don't have a conscience."

Skoien said witnessing what he did on the road Sunday could convince him to stop riding his motorcycle after 17 years on the road.

"I don't like that that's going to be my last thought of someone is what happened," Skoien said.

He said he hopes the driver will come forward and bring some closure to this case and healing for friends and family.

"It's about time they man up and turn themselves in because they took two lives. It's time for them to pay," Skoien said.

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