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Man demands ride from occupied vehicle, bites driver

Police: 23-year-old may have been under the influence of unknown substance

MADISON, Wis. - A man believed to be under the influence bit the driver of an occupied vehicle after demanding a ride, according to a release.

Trae Russell Robison, 23, got into the car of a 49-year-old man that was stopped in the 700 block of Lorillard Court around 11 p.m., officials said. Robison told the driver to take him wherever he wanted to go, but did not threaten the driver or show a weapon.

The occupants of the vehicle told Robison to get out the vehicle, and then forcibly removed him from the car, according to the release. While they were removing Robison from the car, he bit the driver's arm.

Police said Robison did not break the skin but left significant bruising.

Prior to this incident, dispatch received two other calls reporting a man trying to enter occupied vehicles in the area, according to the release.

The callers reported a man speaking gibberish, officials said. He was believed to be under the influence of some unknown substance or chemical.

Robison was arrested on charges of battery and disorderly conduct.

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