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Madison woman loses $200 in prize money scam

Callers asks for $480 more, woman stops answering

MADISON, Wis. - A Madison woman was swindled out of $200, and nearly forked over another $480, to criminals after initially falling for a phone scam in late March, police said.

The 51-year old was told on March 22 that she had won $35,000 cash and a $3.5 million cashier's check, and that the money would be delivered to her Gammon Lane home in an armored truck, according to a Madison Police Department report. The victim told police the callers promised two U.S. Marshals would stand guard overnight to ensure she was not robbed.

The woman, who told police she typically considers herself savvy, said she is facing tough financial times and had fallen for the scam.

Police said the woman paid the men by providing the number over the phone of a $200 MoneyPak prepaid card.

According to the report, during one of several conversations, one of the men -- who called themselves John Cooper and Peter Taylor -- told her she had also won a 2012 Mercedes Benz.

"Mr. Cooper" told the Madison woman $480 would be required to process the award, police said.

Madison police said the victim did not pay the extra money and stopped taking calls from the "company." She told police she had gotten as many as 23 calls in a couple of hours after deciding to stop responding.

Police said Monday a number of Madison residents had fallen victim to financial scams by phone and offered information about the cons that have been reported.

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