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Madison teachers' union leader: Act 10 ruling ‘morally bankrupt'

Union official reacts to Wisconsin Supreme Court ruling

MADISON, Wis. - Madison Teachers Inc. calls a Wisconsin Supreme Court decision upholding Gov. Scott Walker's collective bargaining bill "morally bankrupt."

The 5-2 decision issued Thursday reversed a circuit court ruling in favor of MTI on the issue of the right for unions to bargain collectively.

A statement from MTI Executive Director John Matthews stated the ruling is disappointing, and he accused conservative justices of acting in lockstep in support of Gov. Walker.

"The lack of rationale to support their decision is appalling," he wrote. He said Justice Gableman, who wrote the majority opinion, should have recused himself from the case because groups with a stake in the case contributed to his campaign.

Matthews blamed Act 10 for an increase in the number of teachers leaving the profession.

The Madison Metropolitan School District said Thursday that contracts are in place for the 2014-15 and 2015-16 school years, and the district believes it is on solid ground to negotiate those contracts and follow existing agreements.

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