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Madison police officer to retire after internal investigation

On duty conduct violations revealed

MADISON, Wis - A Madison Police officer will be retiring after an internal investigation found numerous violations while he was on duty.

Officer Morris Reid has agreed to retire by Aug. 30 after an investigation revealed he had mishandled evidence, failed to address a domestic disturbance and engaged in an on-duty relationship with a woman, according to a release from the Madison Police Department.

The internal investigation found two violations of property handling and unlawful conduct, along with one violation of use of city property, on-duty business, flagrant law and equal protection violations.

A complaint was originally filed in October of 2012. According to the release, the initial complaint alleged serious violations with illegal drugs, damage to property and an incident of engaging in sexual conduct on duty.

A criminal investigation was pursued by Madison police, but did not meet the proof standards set by the District Attorney's Office.

Reid has been an officer with the department for nine years, receiving 10 commendations.

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