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Local baseball players react to Braun's comments on lying

Former pro says Braun should talk about what can be learned, how to move forward

MADISON, Wis. - Local baseball players react to Braun's comments on lying

Ryan Braun is back in the news after talking to the media for the first time since his suspension in the middle of last season.

Braun said he regretted lying about using performance enhancing drugs that resulted in a 65-game suspension. He would not go in to specifics, but said he plans to return for the 2014 season and thinks he will be able to play at the same level that won him the National League MVP award in 2011.

The local baseball community has mixed reaction. Edgewood High School baseball players had different takes.

"I used to like him but since the news that came out about him and that he lied and everything, I kind of just lost respect for him," Edgewood sophomore Cody Link said.

"I still like him, I have always been a Brewers fan so it doesn't really change my thought," Edgewood junior JJ Johnson said.

Both were practicing Wednesday at the GRB Baseball Academy on Madison's far east side.

Across town at the Woodall Baseball Academy in Middleton, former Major League Baseball pitcher Brad Woodall gives his thoughts. He said it might take fans longer to forgive Braun, but it shouldn't be a problem in the clubhouse.

"Professional players are really good at weeding out everything else and playing the game that they like," said Woodall, who pitched for the Braves, Brewers and Cubs in the '90s.

"If I am a fan sitting in the stands, I want to see him hustle, I want to see him play well, and I want to see him get in front of the community and talk about maybe some of the mistakes he made and not apologize as much," Woodall said.

He said he would like Braun to talk about what can be learned and how to move forward from the situation.

Woodall left the game in 2001 in the height of what we now know is the steroids era in baseball. He said baseball is taking all the right steps with its new tough drug testing.

As for Braun this will most likely not be the last time he has to answer these drug-related questions.

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