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Jeremy Wand to serve 3 life sentences

Wand will be eligible for parole in 35 years

MADISON, Wis. - Jeremy Wand, the man accused of helping to burn his three young nephews alive, will serve three life sentences.

Sharon Wand, the mother of the three boys and who was burned over 85 percent of her body, has become the center of the high-profile case. At one point, she recanted that Jeremy Wand was even there to start the fire but she took a different stand during Jeremy Wand's sentencing.

Authorities said Sharon Wand was the victim of an insurance scam when her husband and his brother allegedly lit the family on fire at their home to get the insurance money.

Thursday, Sharon Wand called out her brother-in-law, saying that she still loved him but she hated him for what he did. She also said she lives every day knowing that her children are gone because of Jeremy Wand's selfishness.

"You ripped out my heart by taking my children from me and changing my life and Jessica's life forever. Is that how you count your days, Jeremy? Is that how you count the days since the days you killed your nephews?" she said at the sentencing.

Sharon Wand and her daughter were able to escape the fire, but she was also pregnant at the time and lost her baby.

Jeremy Wand will be eligible for parole in 35 years. He is currently 19.

Armin Wand, Sharon Wand's husband, has already been sentenced to three life terms without parole.

Jeremy Wand to serve 3 life sentences

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