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Janesville PD labels bar 'chronic nuisance'

Police: Quotes could face additional fees, penalties for excessive police calls

JANESVILLE, Wis. - Janesville PD labels bar ‘chronic nuisance'

A downtown Janesville bar could soon be forced to pay hundreds of dollars in police costs if owners don't clean up their act.

Officials tell News3 the bar takes up a significant amount of their resources. They said there was a night last weekend when every officer on duty was at Quotes at the same time.

Janesville police have now labeled Quotes, at 24 N. Main St., a chronic nuisance.

"The issue is violence and personal injury. Way too many people are getting hurt and needing medical treatment after being at the bar, it's just that simple," said Deputy Police Chief Dan Davis.

Management and staff from Quotes declined to go on camera.

Davis said last year, rather than have their liquor license revoked the owner agreed to a four-month sanction. He said fights began to escalate again after the sanction was completed in December.

"If we have four qualifying events in a 12-month period at one premise they can qualify as a chronic nuisance premise," Davis said.

Beloit police said they have also had problems with violence at local bars.

"We haven't used a public nuisance ordinance at a business. We typically use those for a residential apartment," said Capt. Dan Risse, with the Beloit Police Department.

He said other departments may follow Janesville's lead.

"I'm sure the goal in Janesville or any other community with using something like this is how can we most quickly solve the problem and yet not tap us out on our resources," said Risse.

Davis said Quotes could be facing a bill from the city if they aren't able to limit the violence there.

"They're subject to a fine or forfeiture, and we intend to bill them for all of the resources that are applied to that qualifying event," said Davis.

According to Janesville police, they have a meeting with the owner on Friday where they have to provide police with a detailed plan to limit violence at the bar. Those additional fees and penalties will apply to police calls 15 days after the bar has been labeled a nuisance.

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