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Janesville ice rink won't freeze despite low temps

$45,000 rink can't be used

JANESVILLE, Wi - Janesville ice rink won't freeze despite low temps

The ice rink at Traxler park in Janesville has city crews and neighbors confused -- it hasn't frozen all season.

"When we're looking at it we don't know why it's not frozen," Paul Steinbauer said.

Steinbauer works at Fastenal Hardware just across from the rink. He said usually, they can see 10 to 15 skaters on the ice from inside their store.

Steinbauer said the not-so-icy rink didn't freeze during the last cold spell when temperatures dropped well below zero.

"The whole cold week it didn't freeze and that's not normal for here," Steinbauer said.

The city of Janesville spent $45,000 building the rink, plus more money doing repairs in October of 2013. But the ice still isn't ready to be used.

The city's Assistant Parks Director Cullen Slapak, said crews are frustrated with the rink.

"It is frustrating, there is some ice out there, and we're looking to clear the snow off from the last snowfall and potentially resurfacing the ice and have some skating on it," Slapak said.

He added he thinks the water is escaping through the ground somehow, and crews are working on a solution. Slapak said he expects to have usable ice by next week.

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