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Hulsey aide told police she feared for her safety

Hulsey brought a box cutter to Capitol

MADISON, Wis. - An aide to state Rep. Brett Hulsey told police last month she feared for her safety because of his behavior.

Hulsey once brought a box cutter to the state Capitol and considered bringing a gun -- even though he doesn't have a concealed-weapons permit, according to Capitol police reports.

Hulsey had urged the aide to train for self-defense with him. A Capitol police report from Feb. 17 includes an email from the aide in which she wrote that she was "terrified."

A Capitol police report reveals that an officer was talking with Hulsey last month at the Capitol, and the officer said Hulsey displayed a box cutter.

Hulsey told the same officer that he wanted to provide self-defense training for his staffers, according to the police report.

"What happened was we had a protester with a box cutter come into my office. Then she met with (Gov. Scott) Walker's chief of police and other staff who told her and others to punch people coming into our office that they had problems with and then offered to give training, and I called Chief Erwin up and said, 'Let's have some training on this real-life situation. We had a person come into my office looking for me with a box cutter,'" Hulsey said.

Hulsey acknowledged bringing the box cutter to the statehouse but said it didn't have a blade in it. As for the gun, Hulsey said he asked about bringing a long gun onto the Assembly floor but never did after finding out it was against the rules.

The Madison Democrat stressed he had no intention of harming his aide.

Hulsey's aide is on vacation. A spokeswoman for the Assembly Democratic Leader Peter Barca said she will get reassigned to a different lawmaker's office when she returns.

Hulsey said he could've been more subtle in his actions. He expressed disappointment that his staffer asked to be reassigned.

Hulsey said it's a strange coincidence this is coming up the day before a debate over the Republican-backed mining bill, which he opposes.

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