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Hoops fans happy boys are still in Madtown

Boys tournament in Madison through 2020

MADISON, Wis. - The WIAA Boys State Basketball Championships continue to heat up the hardwood at the Kohl Center, proving once and for all that boys' basketball and Madison continue to be a winning combination.

This year, as always, prideful fans like Kate Tighe come from across the state to descend on the capital city to support their hometown team.

"My brother coaches the Randolph Rockets and he just won his tenth state championship," exclaimed Tighe.

Tighe has been coming to the state boys' tournament every year for more than a decade. She, for one, is glad that the tournament is remaining in Madison.

"There's nothing like the Kohl Center as far as I'm concerned," said Tighe.

After the threat of losing the annual tournament to Green Bay, the Greater Madison Convention and Visitors Bureau stepped up their efforts to keep roundball fans happy.


Their marketing director said that in order to keep and retain the games, they focused on giving fans an affordable family friendly experience.

"Madison is the championship capital, and we host a lot of tournaments here," said Kate Dale of the GMCVB.

"When people come to town, we want them to have a great experience," continued Dale, "and maybe they will come back for a different reason that isn't WIAA related."

Many traveling from out of town said that having the tournament centrally located gives them an opportunity to see the state capitol building and to check out some of the restaurants available in the area.

"This is where the games should be," concurred Tighe. "Here in Madison."

"There's more facilities for people to stay, at hotels and so forth," echoed LaCrosse Aquinas fan Mike Weiseenberger. "Green Bay has a lot of facilities, but I think it needs to stay here in the central part of the state."

Weissenberger said he is planning to take his grandson to the state capitol while they're in town.

The WIAA Girls State Basketball Championships are in Green Bay for the next two years, but the boys will be in Madison through 2020.

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