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Graduation party celebrates academic success of foster youth

Officials: Youth in foster care face obstacles to achieving academic success

MADISON, Wis. - The Department of Children and Families hosted Wisconsin's first annual Foster Youth Graduation Celebration Monday, according to a release.

The graduation party recognized former foster youth who recently graduated from high school or completed milestones in post-secondary education, according to the release.

Thirty-three graduates from across Wisconsin attended the celebration of more than 70 who graduated this year, according to the release. Most of the students celebrated their graduation from high school but two students celebrated completing their bachelor's degree and two students celebrated completing their master's degree at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Officials said youth in foster care often face significant obstacles in achieving academic success.

Nationally, 54 percent of foster youth will graduate from high school and 2 percent will go onto college, according to the release. Most foster youth have had to face multiple foster home moves, changes in caseworkers and being uprooted from friends and schools.

Officials said foster kids will move six times between kindergarten and 12th grade on average.

For more information on Wisconsin's foster care services click here.

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