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Good Samaritan finds puppy in dumpster

DCHS says to call police, animal control if you find an injured animal

MADISON, Wis. - A well-timed coffee break led to a happy ending for a four-legged friend Monday morning.

The good Samaritan found a pit bull tied inside a bag in a dumpster behind the PDQ Gas Station on Raymond Road.

It is unclear why the dog was there. But the man who found the puppy during his routine coffee break called his friend who gave the puppy a good home.

The new owner named the rescued pup Duke and told News 3 Tuesday he was doing well.

Dane County Humane Society officials urge pet owners to use them as a resource.

"We really wish people would come to us and we're not going to judge," Gayle Viney with DCHS said. "We want to try and help the animal. So if they come to us in need, we'll try and provide any resources that we can and if they need to give up the animal, we're there for them and we want to make sure that the animal is safe and not just left to fend on its own."

Viney said if you find an injured pet, it is important to call the police or animal control.

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