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GE plant generates revenue, jobs for Madison area

Company is area's largest medical-device manufacturer

MADISON, Wis. - The GE Healthcare Life Solutions Plant off the interstate on Madison's east side makes anesthesia machines and ventilators.

With 630 employees, it is the area's largest medical-device manufacturer.

A new study shows that the business generates more than $340 million for the local economy, and for every 1 employee added at the facility another 1.8 positions are created in Dane County.

"We have plants like this all over the state, and the products they create are being shipped all over the world," Secretary of the Department of Administration Mike Huebsch said. "I mean, here they're shipping to 180 countries. Not every manufacturer has that kind of breadth."

The plant was responsible for $116 million worth of exports in 2012.

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