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Gas stove installation left open gas line, caused explosion

Two injured in Sunday evening explosion

BELOIT, Wis. - Investigators said a gas line to a newly-installed stove was not capped and that caused the gas leak and explosion.

The house at 2041 Meridith Drive exploded and collapsed Sunday evening, according to the Beloit Fire Department.

Investigators said there is no criminal liability because there were no repairs going on in the home that would require a city or state permit.

"As far as looking at fault or blame, it's a set of unfortunate circumstances that lined up just together to create the explosion," said Brad Liggett, Beloit fire chief.

Tara Purdy, 33, was rescued about 20 minutes after the initial call, suffered minor burns and is at UW Hospital. Todd Purdy, 37, suffered more severe burns and is in critical condition at UW Hospital.

Liggett said family members helped install the stove and a contractor was not assisting in the upgrade.

One family pet died in the explosion. Another survived, according to fire officials.

The scene drew in many people curious to see what was left of the Meredith Drive home after Sunday's explosion.

Neighbors who were hope at the time said it sounded like fireworks had gone off but many couldn't believe their eyes.

"I saw some smoke coming from the house there and I think a little fire," said Doug Lynch, a neighbor. "My neighbors were out front. We started to go across the street but then we decided there might be more explosions. It was scary."

Gas stove installation left open gas line, caused explosion

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