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Fortified facility moving to 800-person town concerns residents

Town officials not notified of violent resident moving in

Fortified facility moving to 800-person town concerns residents

BARABOO, Wis. - A man who's been housed in a fortified facility in the town Baraboo for the past year may soon be making a move to a new town, and residents there say they are afraid.

Jeremy Felix has reportedly sent more than 10 people to the hospital while under around-the-clock supervision by Dungarvin, a private company contracted by Care Wisconsin to run Felix's care. His violent behavior had neighbors in Baraboo concerned.

Sometime this summer, Felix is slated to move into a new home in Winfield, a small town of about 800 people. Residents have expressed their worry, mostly because they have no idea what to expect.

Andora Ayala and Cletus Bass live 200 yards from the house assigned to Felix, but like most Winfield residents, they don't know much about the situation.

"No one's really even told us for sure what his record is, how many times, how many people he's injured, none of that information was ever given to us, and now he's going to be living right across the road?" Andora said. "What are we supposed to do?"

The couple wasn't notified by companies in charge of Felix's care that he'd be moving in, but word traveled fast in the small town. The couple heard the news from their neighbors, and then brought it to the attention of Town Chairman Ronald Churchill.

"Nobody notified me," Churchill said. "I'm town chairman, but nobody notified me."

The mystery surrounding Felix's housing situation isn't new. Officers in Barabaoo said they weren't informed when Felix was first moved into town, and they weren't told he's leaving, either.

"The first time I heard [Felix] was moving from the city of Baraboo placement into a different placement was from the town of Winfield," Lt. Rob Sinden said. "I had no knowledge of that. The state nor Dungavrin nor Care Wisconsin had informed us of any type of a move."

"It scares the heck out of me," Churchill said.

With little information and very few options, Winfield residents aren't sure what to do next.

"The people that live in this township, they're scared, and I don't know how to help them out," Churchill said. "And that scares me because part of my job is to keep the people in this township safe, and I don't know how we can do that."

Just across the street, Andora and Cletus are left wondering what's to come.

"It's so discomforting that I won't have any idea what's going on," Andora said.

Much of the secrecy surrounding Felix's living situation is to protect his privacy. Care Wisconsin released a statement about Felix's move that said in part, "It is in everyone's best interest that the privacy of this individual is maintained." It goes on to say, "This plan has been developed with the continued safety of our members, staff and community in mind."

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