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Fire officials report 6 calls for downed power lines due to snowfall by noon Thursday

Department shares tips in dealing with downed lines

MADISON, Wis. - Heavy snowfall Thursday caused several downed power lines in Madison, according to the fire department. Fire officials reported at least six calls for downed power lines Thursday by noon.

Lori Wirth, a City of Madison Fire Department spokeswoman, said crews have worked to maintain safe areas around live power lines that may pose a hazard to residents.

The fire department also shared several tips for dealing with power line incidents. The Madison Fire Department cautions residents:

  • To assume wires found down are energized. Stay clear them and notify the utility company if observed.
  • To clear snow from heavily loaded tree limbs if it is safe to do so to prevent the branches from breaking and damaging lines.
  • To not remove a tree limb or other object from a power line. Electricity can travel through the branches, especially when they are wet, department officials said.
  • Who are inside a vehicle when a broken power line falls one it to stay inside the car. Use a cell phone to call for help. The department said in that situation, one is safer remaining inside until help arrives.
  • To not try to rescue someone who makes contact with a downed power line; you would risk becoming a victim yourself. Call 911 for help.

Alliant Energy and Madison Gas & Electric both reported power outages Thursday due to downed power lines.

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