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Family of man killed in officer-involved shooting speaks out

Police: Three officers involved in shooting.

BELOIT, Wis. - Three Beloit police officers are being reassigned from normal duties after shooting and killing a man Tuesday night.

Darrius Lowery-Baptiste, 23, was shot and killed Tuesday night on East Grand Avenue in Beloit.

Police say the Department of Corrections had an active warrant for the Baptiste and they wanted to talk with him about recent shootings in their area.

Family members say Darrius had problems with the law in the past but he'd passed his high school equivalency exam and was working to turn his life around up until he was shot Tuesday night.

"I would feel a lot better if I could change places with him," said Daniel Baptiste, Darrius Baptiste's father.

Daniel Baptiste and his family are facing some dark days after the shooting death of his son. Baptiste says his son's death has brought more questions than answers.

"I'm just praying that all of our questions will be answered very soon because we need closure," said Baptiste.

According to police, the Drug and Gang Unit was conducting surveillance on Lowery-Baptiste at a house on the 1100 block of Fifth Street.

Police followed Lowery-Baptiste when he drove away and attempted to pull him over for a traffic stop on West Grand Avenue.

Police: Three officers involved in shooting

Officials say Lowery-Baptiste rammed the car in front of him.

An officer, fearing he was going to be run over, opened fire, officials say. Another officer also opened fire.

"All I know is my nephew is gone and I feel like the police done something that was uncalled for," says Diane Lowery, Lowery-Baptiste's aunt. "They didn't have to take his life over a warrant."

Lowery admits her nephew had gotten into trouble in the past but was using that experience to help others.

"He felt like what he was going through at a young age he could help some other young man not to go the same way," said Lowery.

Though his grief is overwhelming, Lowery-Baptiste's father says he is most concerned about Darrius' 4-year-old daughter, Desire.

"She is forced to be raised without a father; I'm forced to live without my son. I just hate that I have to outlive my kids, I don't find that fair at all," said Baptiste.

Beloit police say one of the officers that fired had been with the department for 18 years, the other just under three years. The State Department of Criminal Investigations is handling the case.

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