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Family, friends commemorate Beau Solomon's birthday

UW student was killed during summer study abroad trip

Family, friends commemorate Beau Solomon's birthday

SPRING GREEN, Wis. - Tuesday marked what would have been University of Wisconsin student Beau Solomon's 20th birthday.

Solomon was killed during a study abroad trip to Rome when he was pushed over a bridge into the Tiber River. But on Tuesday, family and friends chose to highlight his life instead of his death.

"Beau cared about people," said Beau's old principal from River Valley, Darby Blakley. "He wanted to make a difference in people's lives. He wanted to make an impact, and he tried to do that." He tried to be there for people."

"It's hard to even talk about Beau," said Megan Bunkleman, a counselor at River Valley High. "I miss Beau's openness and his warmth, and his crazy natural ability to connect with anyone so easily."

"He was a great guy, he was super social," said one of Beau's best friends, Anders Wermuth. "You couldn't get away with not having a long conversation with Beau."

"I just want people to remember Beau... because he made such a meaningful contribution and i don't want ever to be forgotten."

"I miss Beau every day," Blakley said. "I don't go through phases - I wake up every day and I miss Beau. he was special... he was going to do special things in a big way. He had plans. And I really wish I could've seen his dreams come to fruition, because he was going to do amazing things. He was special and that's Beau."

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