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Dumbbells, garden rakes used as weapons during massive fight, officials say

Police: At least 3 injured, 2 arrested in fighting involved 75 people

MADISON, Wis. - Residents say they are concerned for their safety after at least three were injured and two were arrested in a fight that involved as many as 75 people on Madison's west side Friday night, according to a release.

Police responded to a fight in progress in the area of Theresa Terrace and Friday night around 7:30, according to the release. Officials said an officer in the neighborhood was flagged down by a witness who described a huge fight that was going on a block away. Dozens of people were fighting in the middle of the street with a variety of weapons including garden rakes, dumbbells and locks being used as brass knuckles.

Nataki Brown-Williams, a resident living on , heard the incident and said it's not the first time she's woken up at night to the found of a brawl.

"Lately it's been all the time, every night, every evening it's out here," she said.

She's raising six children, ages 1 to 17, in the neighborhood, and she said she fears for their safety.

"It's scary, not being able to have my children play in the neighborhood where the majority of them are being said," Browns-William said. "I'm at the bus stop, the transfer points, I'm at the schools, the daycare centers, picking everybody up. I don't want to have to do this. This is ridiculous."

There were three reported female victims, all teenagers from , according to the release. The girls received significant lacerations and broken teeth during the fight.

Officials said two men, Mario J. Scott, 17, of Madison, and Antwon D. Amos, 20, of Sun Prairie, were arrested for their involvement in the fight.

Scott was arrested on charges of substantial battery and disorderly conduct while armed. Amos was arrested on charges of probation violation and carrying a concealed weapon.

West District officers have stepped up patrols in the area, but Madison Police Department spokesperson Howard Payne said increased police presence may only be part of the solution.

"It's going to take community involvement," Payne said. "It's going to take parents getting involved with their children and their activities so these types of incidents don't happen."

City leaders are also taking a role in turning around the neighborhood after they called violence in the area a systemic issue. Initiatives including implementing a summer children's program and a neighborhood center slated to be installed by fall are just some of the steps Ald. Matthew Phair, District 20, and other city officials are taking.

The fight is still under investigation and additional arrests are likely as the incident required 24 officers and three ambulance responses, according to the release.

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