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DOT wants weight, height limits on farm equipment

Second study recommends limits to protect roads

MADISON, Wis. - The Wisconsin Department of Transportation is recommending placing weight, height and length limits on farm vehicles they say are damaging roads.

According to the first portion of the study, farm vehicles are increasing in size and weight, damaging roads and creating potentially dangerous situations for other drivers.

"We have on average 180 crashes between motor vehicles and farm equipment each year," said the Rory Rhinesmith from the DOT. "We think we've struck a balance between the farming community and the needs of traffic." 

According to a second phase of a department study, DOT wants to redefine classifications splitting farm vehicles into two groups: a large equipment group used for husbandry and vehicles, like semitrailers that are used in farming.

The study also suggests redefining the weight table used to classify equipment. Farm vehicles already receive a 15 percent weight allowance from the federal government. Vehicles that would exceed the new table would have to have written authorization from DOT. 

The study proposes to make all farmers who use commercial vehicles in the smaller class, register their equipment with the state. Eventually the DOT study said the department hopes to work toward a self-registration system.

The DOT will be holding information and feedback sessions to hear from residents. They can be found on the DOT website, here


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