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DOT gives parents booklet to help teach kids safe driving

Parents Supervised Driving Program offers information booklet, app

DOT gives parents booklet to help teach kids safe driving

MADISON, Wis. - A new tool provided by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation will help parents teach kids with driver's permits or graduated driver's licenses to become safe and law-abiding drivers.

Arif Ahmad stood at the DMV waiting to see if his teenage daughter passed her driving test Thursday. He's confident he taught her the rules of the road, but admits he doesn't know all of them himself.

"There were a few times where I would not know the latest routes or what is the rule here," Ahmad said.

Now, every time a teenager is handed their driver's permit in the state of Wisconsin, parents like Ahmad will get a booklet and maybe some peace of mind.

"Parent involvement and practice are really key to making our teens safe drivers out there. Teens are at real risk out there mostly because of that lack of experience," Driver Qualification Chief Allison Lebwohl said.

The Parents Supervised Driving Program is a step-by-step road map designed to help parents help their kids complete the 30 hours of behind-the-wheel time needed to get their license.

"Everything from the most basic things that they would do in the driveway, learning the vehicle and the safety feature of that vehicle," Lebwohl said. "Learning those basic operational skills and learning those longer-term, more sophisticated skills that are key to keeping those kids safe out there on the road."

Lebwohl said the booklets are just another way parents can work together to educate teens and create safe drivers.

For Ahmad, his driving tips clearly worked because his daughter passed on her first try.

Parents can also log their student's driving in real-time with the new Road Ready App, a component of the Parents Supervised Driving Program.

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