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Dispute leads neighbors, barbeque restaurant owner to meet

Dispute leads neighbors, barbeque restaurant owner to meet

MADISON, Wis. - The owner of That BBQ Joint on Williamson Street and nearby residents will meet on Saturday afternoon to discuss solutions to complaints about noise and food odor.

Clement Henriques and his mother opened the barbeque restaurant in the 900 block of Williamson Street in August 2015. Two months later they started hearing complaints from neighbors.

"We're trying to be decent about this. We are up to code, and that's a really tough pill to swallow. It is not like we just walked in here, flipped on the lights and started going. We invested money to get this place up to code as well," Henriques said.

Lynn Lee, the president of the Marquette Neighborhood Association, agrees the restaurant is operating within the ordinance, but said, "The neighbors are negatively affected by the hum of equipment on the roof and the smell of barbeque going 24/7."

Lee said the neighborhood association requested the Alcohol License Review Committee put a condition on the liquor license of That BBQ Joint requiring them to meet regularly with neighbors. The ALRC granted that request.

The meeting on Saturday at That BBQ Joint will be one of those neighborhood meetings.

"We're looking for solutions to these particular issues. If someone has a viable solution for dealing with potential odors restaurants emit through their exhaust hoods, we're interested to hear about that. We're also interested to hear about solutions about the noise outside. You know, we're not trying to turn this into a session where everybody shows up and points fingers and you're being this and you're being that. That's not the point," Henriques said.

The meeting will take place from 2:45-3:15 p.m. on Saturday at That BBQ Joint, which is located at 901 Williamson Street. The meeting is open to neighbors and anyone who might have ideas to address the concerns of neighbors.

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