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Dept. of Revenue sets up identity-protecting precautions

Identity Verification prevents someone from stealing your identity, tax refund

MADISON, Wis. - The Wisconsin Department of Revenue is setting up extra precautions to protect the identity of residents during tax season, according to a release.

The program, geared toward protecting residents' identity and tax refunds, will require some tax return filers to take the Identity Verification quiz, officials said. If selected, you will receive a letter outlining everything you need to take the quiz.

Identity Verification consists of four multiple choice questions with answers that will help verify your identity when filing your tax return, according to the release.

"Identity theft and refund fraud are two of the top cybercrimes," said DOR Secretary Richard Chandler. "It is extremely important to us to assure that your identifying information is not used by someone else to commit fraud and steal your tax refund."

Identity Verification can be taken over the phone or online, and in some cases, may be asked to send in documentation to help verify their identity, according to the release. Taxpayers will have two opportunities to pass the quiz. If they fail both times, they will be asked to send in information verifying their identity.

"DOR is focused on preventing identity theft and protecting taxpayers. Identity Verification is just one more tool we're using to serve you," Chandler said.

Taxpayers who are unable to the quiz online or by phone can call customer service representatives who will help, according to the release.

Wisconsin tax processing starts Monday and the IRS' filing season starts Jan. 31.

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