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DA: Brother who died in fight had brain hemorrhage

No charges to be filed against victim's brother

DARLINGTON, Wis. - The brother of a man who died after a fight between the two won't be charged because the man died of a brain hemorrhage, according to the Lafayette County District Attorney's office.

Danial D. Saalsaa, 29, of Argyle, was arrested on a charge of second-degree reckless injury after his younger brother, Aaron D. Saalsaa, 27, also of Argyle, died after an altercation in March. Danial Saalsaa is a brother-in-law of the Argyle police chief.

The younger Saalsaa suffered severe injuries and was taken to the Monroe Clinic Hospital. He was later transferred to a Madison hospital, where he died.

A report released Friday said the autopsy reports showed Aaron Saalsaa didn't suffer facial or head injuries in the fight and died from a spontaneous brain hemorrhage. The cause of the brain hemorrhage is unknown, according to the report.

"There is no basis to conclude that the conduct of Danial Saalsaa constituted either first or second degree reckless homicide," the report read. "The death of Aaron Saalsaa was certainly tragic. However, there is no factual, scientific, or legal basis to conclude that his death was the result of any criminal act."

Monroe police investigated the incident to avoid any conflict of interest between the Lafayette County Sheriff's Office and Hayley Saalsaa.

The Lafayette County Sheriff's Office said it routinely works closely with the Argyle police chief, and Hayley Saalsaa was a witness to the fight as she had been called by family members.

In the initial report, Lafayette County Deputy Coroner Rudy Gebhardt said preliminary tests showed Aaron Saalsaa died of diffused cerebral contusion, which means his head hit something that caused a contusion/bruise and internal bleeding. He said there was no apparent skull fracture.

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