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Could federal shutdown impact local housing market?

Madison home market has been thriving recently

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The effects of the federal shutdown continue to trickle down across the country. Some say the housing market could feel the impact next.

That could be bad news, because the Madison area housing market has been thriving.

"Compared to last year, every month has improved this year, so we're seeing some good trends in the marketplace," said realtor Jon Birschbach with Keller Williams Realty.

Birschbach remains optimistic, but he says the shutdown could create problems for folks looking to a federal lending program: "If it's an extended shutdown, I would say the odds increase that FHA could be impacted."

Realtor Todd Johnson with Bunbury & Associates says homeowners or potential homeowners need not worry: "We haven't seen an impact due to the government shutdown at all, and truthfully, I don't see it happening."

Many home buyers turn to the federal government to get loans, so it's natural that there is concerns about the longevity of the shutdown, but Johnson says the worries are largely unfounded.

"It's the tax transcripts that lenders verify income that's the only issue we could have," says Johnson. "With all the time and energy the feds put into the housing market to get it going again, they'll figure out something to get the income verified so lenders can lend the money."

Not to say there might not be minor setbacks. Birschbach says paperwork handled through the federal government could be impacted by the shutdown. "They play a role in basically the processing of these loans, and if they don't have the people available to process them that could either cause delays or problems being able to purchase a home through that financing program all together."

Anyone thinking about buying a home or those with a loan pending should keep in contact with your lender. The rest of us should keep our eyes on what's happening in Washington.

"The Madison and surrounding market is hot, is a very strong market, and I don't see that changing. I see this continuing, going on in the future," said Johnson.

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