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Construction workers witness armed robbery, run down suspect

Beloit man faces attempted armed robbery charges

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Police say a Beloit man is facing an attempted armed robbery charge after he tried to rob a woman Wednesday morning.

Several witnesses, including some construction workers, tracked the suspect until he was caught by police.

Construction workers David Reavis and Ricardo Nava are back on their real jobs, working on the Beloit Inn, after the two spent Wednesday morning acting as detectives.

"I heard a lady yell. I looked toward the bank, turned my attention back to my job, then I heard footsteps," said Nava.

According to police the footsteps the workers heard were from 22-year-old Jordan Betker.

Around 7:30 in the morning, a woman was making a deposit at First National Bank's night drop box downtown. That's when police said Betker approached her with a handgun, demanded money and took off without any cash.

Reavis and Nava helped police track down the suspect.

"Rico was running after him. He took off, and they I took off in the truck. I went around the other way to catch him," said Reavis.

Thanks to their quick thinking, police caught up with the suspect.

"We would not have anyone in custody this quickly, had we not had these citizens chase the suspect," said Capt. Dan Risse.

Police said Betker was found in the 600 block of Church Street, near Beloit College.

"Well, they're giving us more credit than we deserve, because after he turned the corner behind the Angel Museum, we didn't see him," said Nava.

Police are thankful the workers stepped in, but Risse said they'd never recommend citizens get involved, especially if there's a weapon involved.

"We always recommend: become the best witness that you can, breathe deeply, consciously think about the surroundings and what it is that you're observing. Try to remember as much information as you can," said Risse.

Betker is expected to be in court later this week.

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