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Coaches react to Rutgers basketball video

Rutgers fires basketball coach Mike Rice

MADISON, Wis. - Video of now-former Rutgers basketball coach Mike Rice abusing his players has sparked public outrage.

Edgewood College basketball coach Justin Meyer, who has been coaching for more than 10 years, said he was stunned when he saw the video of Rice pushing and insulting players, even throwing basketballs at them.

"I've never heard of a coach acting that way," Meyer said.

Meyer went on to say this behavior should not be tolerated, and it's the coach's job to set an example.

"It's like any job. There's always going to be frustrations. There's always going to be challenges, but I always tell my guys, 'You can't let frustration dictate what you're doing on the court and how you act,'" Meyer said.

ESPN Madison jumped on the story, saying it goes beyond the sports world.

"It's a national story. It's mainstream now and, for Rutgers, that's just bad," said Greg Scalzo of ESPN Madison.


Scalzo and Jim Rutledge, also with ESPN Madison, said this is not only a bad example of coaching but is also bad for business, considering Rutgers University is set to join the Big Ten next year.

"The biggest thing as a coach is you want players who are going to play hard for you, give everything they have on the floor. As a student athlete, I would believe it would be hard for them to be able to do that for a coach that's treated them that way," Meyer said.

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